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About Us

Save Our Furry Friends is a New Jersey based charity dedicated to helping animals, the local people who take them in, and the small no-kill shelters that often get overlooked in the area.

Often these shelters get no funding from the state (because otherwise the state would only allow them a certain number of days for the shelter to find a home for the animal or otherwise euthanize it) and rely on donations to continue. These places do amazing work but do not get nearly enough publicity. They provide shelter, food, and medical care. Some of these people take animals into their own homes and take care of them, some putting the animals care before themselves.

In the near future we hope to visit elementary schools and organizations to teach children how to care for animals properly. We will also be working with local vets to provide discounted services and spay or neuter animals for free.

All animals are important to us, no animal should be abused.

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